Why donate to She Breaks Barriers?

We are a movement built to support all women based organizations who provide sports career driven opportunities for women of all ages, across all barriers

The movement

She Breaks Barriers is actively supporting all female based organizations who provide career driven opportunities within the sports industry. A well known male dominated platform that can benefit so much with more women involved. Our content inspires young woman to dream and reach for those goals they never saw themselves achieving   

The community

Alpha Girl Soccer – 

She Breaks Barriers donates 10-15% of their soccer clinics to allow the opportunity for youth, who do not have access to financial resources, attend. These clinics are prorated at $150 for a weekend. Courses produce positive and everlasting experiences by teaching essential life skills in which any student, or athlete, can benefit from. Topics are as followed: 

psychological defeat, 

building confidence, 

goal planning.

Together we hope to shatter this
prolonged glass ceiling.
Let's give back together.